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Augmented Reality Internship Program

Experiential Learner / Intern Opportunity

We offer and emphasize paid experiential learning internships for higher education students particularly in University Business and Entrepreneur programs and Computer science programs. We pair University students with the ability to integrate real world contributions with their formal studies to best prepare students for work life after graduation.

“Life is just like a game,
First you have to learn rules of the game,
And then play it better than any one else.”
-- Albert Einstein --

A Hero's Journey

A Weocracy mentorship pairs you with a guide, that takes you on a personal journey of a series of quests that may one day help shape a vision of the future of society.

Along the way you are continuously adding power up credentials  representing verified knowledge; skills; a personal data inventory vault;  expanding and diversifying your community and social networks.

You earn digital cash bounty rewards as you use your power ups to complete a series of business operations; technology; media content development, personal data shares; social and community connections, and/or public benefit tasks.

A little bit of work.  A little bit of play. Is it real, a game, or both?

Let's Play a Game.


Ready Player One?

Take the First Step

Thank you for clicking on this tab.  We aspire that in consider our unique approach to be of great experiential benefit to you and your consideration to go down the rabbit hole to explore a little further.

If you do, know that our core values and ideology of citizen-centric employment and secure data-centric consumption drives how we explore collaborating with each other in advancing a new  paradigms, business models, and community and societal models built on a shared trust.

An Easter egg is a message, image, or feature hidden in software, a video game, a website, a film, or another, usually electronic, medium.

-- Wikipedia

Please introduce yourself

Thanks for reaching out!  Just like life works, you may or may not hear back from us quickly, are when you would prefer but if you taken the time to respond, know that this alone has earned our respect and gratitude for your time and thoughtfulness.

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