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For Investors

Lets align entrepreneurial leaders and project innovation capital

Trusted Digital Ecosystem Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Syndicate

Its simple.  You help define it.  We jointly be there as guides for our startup founder(s) hero's leading their own teams hero's journey(ies).  Investment Governance Platform:  CARTA

Grant ONE Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Syndicate

The Grant ONE SPV syndicate is a two-sided investment vehicle for companies, startup teams, and investors to pair and multiply their trusted connections within a visionary 2030 open government, open standards, open-source Trusted Digital Ecosystem (TDE) governing, monitoring, processing, and reporting public benefit results for the $1.4T in U.S. Federal grants ecosystem.  Investment Governance Platform:  CARTA

Grant ONE Data Monetization Foundry Project Ecosystem Sponsorship

Step by step, brick by brick, slow and steady. By 2030 there may be thousands of logged Grant ONE hero's journey grant data monetization project lifecycles actualized.  Foundry project sponsorships fund and support short-term, project-based data monetization initiatives including planning, and 30/60/90 day business and co-marketing campaigns and sprints.

Market and Business Development Associates  (Time Only)

Your interested in investing some time to assess and potentially develop new markets and business.

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