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For Founders

Angel Investment Capital

You are the hero of your team's success story. 
We are a guide.

Angel Investment and Guide Services

Financial Angel

Non-active financial investment seeking high returns while seeking to benefit society by helping the next generation of entrepreneurs, especially with projects that promote a prosperous society of the future.


  • Angel ($25 - $100k)

  • Special Purpose Vehicles ($100k - $1M)

  • Non-dilutive ($5 - $25k)

  • Crypto Staking  (USDC, ETH, BTC)

Cross-Domain Promotion/Introductions

  • Social Media (LinkedIN, Youtube)

  • Investors/Venture Capital

  • Trusted Digital Ecosystems

  • Partners

  • Suppliers

Guardian Angel

Active financial and time investment seeking high rates of return.  Accessible by the management team to help grow the company with a focus on new category creation.  Blends into a corporate culture in a general role, for a planned timeframe, for specific purpose(s).

  • General Advisory

  • Data Monetization Strategy

  • Trusted Digital Ecosystem Strategy

  • Modern Gamification Strategy Development

  • Technology Business Management

  • Business Category Development

  • Story Brand Marketing and Development

  • Business and Market Development

  • Social finance crowdfund campaign administration ($1M)

Entrepreneurial Angel

Active financial investment with a mixed-reality game component blending Angel-backed emerging startups on their category creation hero's journey with a public benefit of helping create a prosperous future of society.  


The mixed-reality game, governed and operated by Millennial and Gen Z generations, starts with hero's in Florida and Illinois:  From there the journey involves the creation of future decentralized U.S. society in balance with the rest of the world, and financed through a visionary, trusted, and layered $1.4T/yr U.S Grants Management system:

  • U.S. Federal Grants Management Ecosystem

  • Regional Ecosystems

  • U.S State Ecosystems

    • Community Ecosystems

    • Economic Development

    • Water, Marine and Wildlife Ecosystems

  • Local and Community Ecosystems​

“We’re here to put a dent in the universe.
Otherwise why else even be here?”
-- Steve Jobs

Angel Investment and Guide Services

Thanks for reaching out!

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