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The Future of Society Challenges You

Public-Private Benefit Alternative Reality Challenge
Game Program Administration

The Future of Society Game Concept Challenges:

The challenges seek to engage participants in planning and launch of new greenfield trusted digital ecosystems for private exchange and monetization of public-private data.  Participate in public-private game design working group activity to launch a series of future of society games.    There is respectful and appreciative gratitude for strategic relationships, sponsors, and contributors so if interested please reach out and let's explore.

Future of Society Alternative Reality Game Concepts

Grant ONE Public-Private Benefit Game

In this game, you select a role-based avatar (citizen, employer-employee, grant maker, grant recipient, auditor, dark web hacker).  Your avatar then embarks on a series of quests to help build a system that can guide a healthy society of the future called Grant ONE.  The Grant Open Network Ecosystem (Grant ONE) envisions a regulated and governed open source, open government standards, public-private benefit identity hub and grants digital dossier registry for U.S. federal, state, and local community-based grants management stakeholders and beneficiaries.

Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 3.29.01 PM.png

The Trusted Employer-Employee Ecosystem Game

The Trusted Employee-Employer Ecosystem game is a a private play-to-earn personal identity and data sharing game.  Employers and employees jointly strengthen the governance and monetization of employee personal digital information for public-private sector dissemination through a series of quests.

download (18).jpeg

The Personal Data Monetization Ecosystem Game

The personal data monetization game concept centers on the fact that your personal data and their associated data vault access are your assets, that you own and control, and can monetize by giving access to public and private sector institutions.  In this game, you select a role-based avatar (citizen, employee, government, organization, dark web hacker) and take a series of steps on a journey towards a future society based on a consortia of commercial and non-profit companies building a trusted digital ecosystem.

download (19).jpeg

Interested in exploring a little deeper?

Thanks for reaching out!

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