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Trusted Digital Ecosystems

Trusted relationships are the root of society and the global community's digital world.


A Vision

The evolution of a globally trusted human-machine, physical-digital world.  One that by design moves people, and communities toward a brighter world of the accountable and responsible public-private societal benefits of health, security, liberty, economic opportunity, and prosperity.

The Role of Trusted Digital Ecosystems

Trusted Digital Ecosystems (TDEs) will play an important if not defining role over the next two decades in making it feasible to great contribute to solving some greatest of societies problems.

Under the hood, TDEs are decentralized and distributed mesh networks with structured human-machine level governance over ecosystems and marketplaces.  TDE's create innovation at the speed of relevance with the intentional convergence of enabling technologies including Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual/Augmented Reality, 3D-Printing, and the Internet of Everything to create automated ecosystems of digital business value exchange for personal, community, country, and global public-private benefit.

The future is now.  TDEs can be crafted and deployed to expand now.  Weocracy investments target the actualization and success of more and more TDEs and foster their interconnections.

Trusted Digital Ecosystems Are Financial Value Systems

Trusted Digital Ecosystems (TDEs) empower structured leadership team programs to translate and communicate the value data, data connections, data transactions and information technology (IT) to automated Return on Investment (ROI) machines.  TDEs begin with inputs (e.g. skills seed capital, social connections) and convert this into business value through operations.  Successful TDEs are those that generate greater value outflows than the cost of the inputs to produce them.

Value as Capital

TDEs are purpose-designed to convert organizational capital (proprietary knowledge, systems processes), symbolic capital (brand), social capital (people and digital networks) and human capital (talent, skills) into economic capital.

Value as Impact

TDEs are actualized to support effective decision-making at both tactical and strategic levels.  The most successful TDEs create impact at a global level by integrating other TDEs and data from multiple open and proprietary closed systems.

Value as Capital Conversion

High performing TDEs maximize liquid digital financial assets and asset exchange by making products and services more useful and engaging for all TDE stakeholders.

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