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Weocracy Partners
Investing in Trusted Ecosystems

Weocracy provides angel investment and services for pre-seed and seed investment startups focused on digital trust focused public-private sector projects and ecosystems.

Investment Priorities
Trusted Digital Ecosystem Elements:

  •   Social Innovation (Augmented Reality Gaming, Identity Guild Ecosystem Governance Systems)

  •  Smart Communities (Health, Public Service and Benefit)

  •  Trusted Digital Ecosystem Foundries (Identity Hubs, Web3, Blockchain, Ethical AI)

  •  Neobanking (Fintech, Crypto, Digital Asset Monetization)

  •  Public-Private Grant Ecosystems (U.S. Grants Management, Private Grants Management)

  •  Trusted Data Monetization Ecosystems

  •  IT Inf rastructure (Zero-Trust, Ethical AI/ML, Spatial Web)

Providing Angel Investment and Services

Financial Angel

Non-active financial investment seeking high returns while seeking to benefit society by helping the next generation of entrepreneurs, especially with projects that promote a prosperous society of the future.​

Guardian Angel

Active financial and time investment seeking high rates of return.  Accessible by the management team to help grow the company with a focus on new category creation.  Blends into a corporate culture in a general role, for a planned timeframe, for specific purpose(s).

Entrepreneurial Angel

Active financial investment with a mixed-reality game component blending Angel-backed emerging startups on their category creation hero's journey with a public benefit of helping create a prosperous future of society.  

Seeking Innovators 

Let's explore passive angel investment, potential collaborative projects, and maybe even help the future of societies move forward in the game of life.  In the process, who knows, maybe a simple discussion leads to helping to shape the evolution of communities as societal power, influence, and governance is orderly passed to new generations?   

Seeking Experienced 

Seeking experienced entrepreneurial teams with business exit experience.  Ideal teams have a clear vision to engage customers and partners to solve an important community and societal:  health, business, technology, governance, and/or treasury management problem in a way that optimizes all stakeholders.

Seeking Syndicate

Seeking experienced venture studios, venture capitalists, angel investor groups, and unaccredited citizen investors to join forces to jointly invest in companies, consortia, crowd-funding, and public-private societal and community benefit partnerships.

Seeking Project Sponsors

Seeking private and enterprise sponsors, private foundations, government grant making agencies, and public-private service commissioner's who's mission is aligned to social innovation for public benefit.

What's on your mind?  Want to explore?

Thanks for reaching out!

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